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Love Japan by David Parkinson

A cool video by Australian filmmaker David Parkinson as he travelled through the heart of Japan with his girlfriend. To be frank the contents aren't anything special, but the cinematography is top notch. Featured places include … [Read More...]


Maggy Vanquish Venus

Promotional photos and making video for the latest Vanquish Venus project, featuring Canadian-Japanese model Maggy. Vanquish Venus [Jp] is a short term collaboration between Japanese fashion brand VANQUISH and various female … [Read More...]

Showbiz Posts


Gu Hye-sun Styler Magazine

Korean actress-director Gu Hye-sun in October 2014 issue of Styler [Kr], a Korean homemakers' lifestyle magazine. She recently made (wrote, directed and starred in) a movie titled Daughter, which was screened at the Busan … [Read More...]

Jessica forced out of Girls’ Generation

Didn't see this coming. Korean pop group Girls' Generation, one of the biggest K-pop acts, has kicked a member, Jessica, out of the group. There's no sign that this would happen; the timing couldn't be weirder as all the members … [Read More...]

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16 dead in Korean outdoor concert mishap

At least 16 spectators died and 10 seriously injured in a mishap at an outdoor concert in Seongnam, Korea, on October 17, 2014. They fell 20 metres into an underground parking area when the ventilation grates (which they were not … [Read More...]

Hong Kong protest seen from above

Thousands of demonstrators, many of them students, have occupied the streets in Hong Kong to protest Beijing's decision to vet the candidates for the Chief Executive of Hong Kong election in 2017 (which technically means Hong Kong … [Read More...]

Offbeat Posts


Domino’s UK sandwich-pizza

Pepperoni pizza in English sandwich style, by Domino's Pizza UK. Not sure if it's a real thing, it's not in the menu, and its teaser tells nothing much. Looks cute dough though. … [Read More...]