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KARA at Suwon football game

Photos of Korean pop group KARA performing at the half time interval during a K-League football match at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on August 28. The home team Suwon Bluewings won the game 4-2 against Seoul FC eventually…

Korean girl group KARA at Suwon football match

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Hanamizuki Japanese Movie

Japanese trailer (deleted by Youtube) for romance flick Poster image for Japanese movie Hanamizuki (ハナミズキ), starring Yui Aragaki and Toma Ikuta.

Hanamizuki Japanese movie

Hanamizuki (means dogwood tree) tells the story of Sae (Arakagi) and Kohei (Ikuta), high school lovers who face the hardship of adulthood when both of them are walking on different career paths while trying to keep their distant relationship intact. And the situation gets complicated with the involvement of a third party.

The film is based on the lyrics from a same title song by Yo Hitoto, which predictably is also used as the movie theme song (re-recorded by Aragaki).

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Britney Spears goes manga-ish for Pop Magazine

American pop star Britney Spears is featured on UK based POP magazine with a Japanese manga inspired theme. The art director is none other than Takashi Murakami who managed to con get Kirsten Dunst to cosplay in Tokyo last year.

Britney Spears manga look on POP magazine Britney Spears manga look on POP magazine

S.H.E Hebe – Love music video

Chinese MV of Love by Taiwanese singer Hebe Tian from pop group S.H.E. The song is the first promotional track from the singer’s debut solo album To Hebe

Sophisticated stuff. Not my cup of tea to be frank, but I like the fact that she’s trying something different from the usual S.H.E stuff.

Free Café Harimaya Station, Japan

Harimaya Station is a cafe chain in Japan which offers free Senbei (煎餅, Japanese rice crackers) and drinks to their patrons.

Free Cafe Harimaya Station, Japan

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