$6,100 for a Densuke black watermelon

A black jumbo watermelon auctioned in northern Japan fetched a record 650,000 yen (US$6,100) Friday, making it the most expensive watermelon ever sold in the country… and possibly the world.

Expensive Densuke watermelon

The 8-kilogram premium Densuke watermelon, grown only on the northern island of Hokkaido, was purchased by a marine products dealer who said he wanted to support local agriculture, according to Kyodo News agency.

In a country where melons are a luxury item commonly given as gifts, the watermelon’s hefty price tag follows another jaw-dropping auction last month, where a pair of Yubari cantaloupe melons sold for a record 2.5 million yen (US$23,500).

“It’s a watermelon, but it’s not the same,” said Kazuyoshi Ohira, a spokesman for the Tohma Agricultural Cooperative in Hokkaido. “It has a different level of sweetness.” [Mainichi]

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  1. Emilie says

    Again, someone spending thousands of dollars on a useless item. It’s not like they can keep it forever. Why don’t they give that money to charity instead?!?!?! Stupid rich people!

  2. bb says

    i saw this on the news!
    there are still some more that will be sold to people…not for $6100, but still a high price.

  3. says

    Emilie… rich people got too many money to spend. It’s not fair saying that they should spend all their extra money to charity (would be nice though)… chances are some of these rich folks are doing more charitable work than most people despite their regular splurghing.


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