After School Shh music video & pics

Music video and concept photos for Shh, Korean girl group After School’s sixth Japanese single which will be released on January 29. Interesting MV, not the usual Asian pop stuff. And girls look good in suits. Images from official FB [Jp]…

After School Shh Japanese single

After School Shh concept photo

Korean girl group After School Shhh

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  1. MaJieMao says:

    Never been a fan of this group just another SNSD clone and I don’t find the girls as attractive.

    • Yein Jee says:

      After School is probably the most confusing Kpop girl group, it has been five years since their debut and not many can tell what type of group they are.

      I find them visually attractive though. SNSD is touted as the “beauty legs” group but After School is probably the real deal in that sense.

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