American kids react to K-pop

American kids responding to some K-pop music videos (of Girls’ Generation, Super Junior & 2NE1) on Kids React, a weekly web-show produced by The Fine Bros

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  1. Maybe there is a future for K-pop in America… maybe, well I like it anyhow

  2. I thought the video was cute, but they really should’ve looked into the fandoms… I’ve heard that one kid is getting death threats from angry kpop fans because of what they were saying about their favorites.

    :/ It’s pretty sad, but with 2ne1, Girl’s Generation and Wonder Girls advancing into the US this year I honestly can’t wait <3

    • Kids say whatever that comes to mind. I just hope that it’s their genuine thoughts and not some scripted/instructed stuff.

      Hate to say this, but some Kpop fans can get really immature at times. It happens in every kind of fandom, but it seems to me that there’s a higher rate of idiocy among Kpop fans… which is quite a shame because other fans are being brought down by these rotten apples.

  3. it’s a funny show, i like.

  4. Kpoplover monica says:

    what a stupid show, they shouldve use older kids to reat to kpop, and young children, how are they suppose to understand about kpop at such a young age because all they say is rubbish and they dont understand anything about kpop yet also people are free to listen to any country song whenever they like and this is how life suppose to be, not everyone has to like that one thing everyone always have a like and dislike to it and werent we like those kids when we first listen to kpop?

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