Asia Funeral and Cemetery Expo & Conference 2011

The 2011 Asia Funeral and Cemetery Expo & Conference (AFE) is currently held in Hong Kong with the participation of over 100 of exhibitors from 13 countries. Some “interesting” stuff here, image via Sohu [Cn]…

Asian Funeral and Cemetery Industry Exposition in Hong Kong

Coffins designed by an Australian firm
Australian coffins at Asian Funeral Expo

Little coffin “souvenirs”
Coffin souvenirs at Asian Funeral Expo

“Gemstones” made from bone ashes, by a Korean company
Bone ash gemstones at Asian Funeral Expo

DNA necklace, made in Hong Kong
DNA necklace at Asian Funeral Expo

Free “sampling”
Chinese coffin at Asian Funeral Expo

“Age shroud” (寿衣, loose translation), worn by a deceased. It’s a popular gift in the old days for Chinese elders, supposed to bring health and longevity…
Chinese age shroud at Asian Funeral Expo

Another kind of cemetery stone
Motorcycle cemetery stone at Asian Funeral Expo

When I was in high school I had seriously thought of venturing into this business. Many Asians see this industry as a taboo, but I always felt that it’s an honourable job – to give the decease a proper departure, and to help out the family in grief. I wasn’t sure how to start a biz like that and got into university instead. The end.

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