Singapore’s 27-year-old Hady Mirza was crowned the first ever Asian Idol in Jakarta on Dec 16.

Asian Idol is a Pop Idol style singing competition featuring winners of idol competitions from 6 Asian countries – Abhijeet Sawant (India), Mike Mohede (Indonesia), Jaclyn Victor (Malaysia), Mau Marcelo (Philippines), Hady Mirza (Singapore) and Phương Vy (Vietnam).

Viewers from the 6 participating countries sent in SMS votes to determine the winner. Contrary to the normal idol contest, two votes were casted instead of one so that the voters would have to vote for someone else that are not from the voters’ country (assuming the first vote will go to their countrymen).

Video of the winning moment – the song performed by Hady is titled “Berserah” (Malay)


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