Korean pop star Ivy is back on stage at a K-pop concert in Vancouver, Canada, on Nov 25 after staying hiatus since early November following a sex tape saga.

Ivy at Vancouver K-pop Concert Ivy at Vancouver K-pop Concert
Ivy at the K-pop concert in Vancouver (Image credits to Chosun)

Ivy ex-boyfriend has blackmailed her in October threatening to expose their (hidden) relationship to the public and claimed that he had a tape to prove it. Early speculations suggested that the ex-boyfriend might have a sex tape recorded secretly… but later investigations showed that such tape never existed.

Her ex-boyfriend is now charged for distortion and violent conduct (he is alleged to have hit Ivy and damaged her car).

The saga also led to rumours that Ivy had an affair with another singer (as claimed by her ex) that led to the sour relationship. The accusation raised heated discussions among netizens… some has shown their support for Ivy, but some doesn’t share as much sympathy. In the end the rumours still remained unproven despite some indications that it might be true.

Regardless, Ivy is back.


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