Korean pop star Ivy is blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend, who claimed to have some intimate video clips that could expose their relationship.

Korean singer Ivy
Korean pop star Ivy

Ivy’s ex-boyfriend (identified as Mr. Yoo) has been blackmailing Ivy and her agency in October with a video clip, and demanded 45 million Korean Won (~ US$50,000) or he would expose their relationship to the public.

Korean police has arrested Yoo on October 31 and has applied for a warrant to keep him in custody for further investigation.

Ivy and Yoo met each other before she becomes a singer. Their relationship turned into romance for 2 years before turning sour in early 2007.

There are a few versions of stories on what led to the breakup and blackmailing…

1. Yoo wanted Ivy to make their relationship public but was refused.

2. Yoo’s frequent acts of violence; he damaged Ivy’s SM5 car in October in front of a cafe in Kangnam.

3. Ivy is seeing someone else (a male singer).

Early rumours suggested that Yoo, currently unemployed, possesses a sex tape that he recorded using hidden camera. Later sources suggested otherwise… that the video might not exist at all. The police didn’t comment about this matter.

[Reference from Shenyue, Ganjjang, Chosun, QQ]


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