Nanaca Crash is a simple and interesting Japanese flash game, similar to the famous Penguin Tossing game but with a few extra twists. [Play here]

Online Flash Game, Nanaca Crash
Online flash game Nanaca Crash

The idea is simple, Nanaca is riding on the bike and bang onto Taichi making him flying into the air… the objective of the game is to send Taichi as far as possible. The initial strategy is to find the right angle and hit it as close to 100% as possible.

The extra twist is that Nanaca can boost the flight of Taichi using Aerial Boost; there are 3 chances for Nanaca to increase Taichi’s speed upwards and unlimited push downwards (but needs time to regenerate after each use). You can see the colour of the word AERIAL to determine which boost to use.

Besides, there are some characters on the road that could increase Taichi’s speed, or to slow it down, and ultimately stop it… it takes some time to understand this part though; perhaps you should leave it to chance and just enjoy the game.

My best record is 4339.80m 6279.86m… have fun!

[Hat tip to Japansugoi]


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