South Korean boxer Choi Yo-sam, who fell into coma after winning the World Boxing Organization (WBO) intercontinental flyweight title on Christmas Day, was declared dead early Thursday (Jan 3) from head injury (brain hemorrhage).

Korean boxer Choi Yo-sam final fight against Heri Amol
Choi’s final fight (Image courtesy of Chosun)

Choi, 33, won the WBO title on a unanimous decision over Indonesian boxer Heri Amol, but was knocked down by his opponent just before the end of the final round. Choi managed to get back to his feet and became the winner on points before collapsing again.

Choi was declared brain dead on Wednesday (Jan 2), and was pronounced legally dead at 00:01 on Thusday morning after being taken off his life support machine. Choi’s family decided to donate his organs in accordance with his wishes, which benefited six people in need.

Rest in peace Mr Choi Yo-sam.


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