South Korean veteran singer Na Hoon-a has shocked a live national TV audience on Friday (Jan 25) by threatening to drop his trousers to prove that he had not been castrated by a Japanese gangster.

The 60-year-old crooner was at a news conference to deny rumour that his private part was cut off by a Yakuza (Japanese gangster), whom the media reported to be unhappy with Hoon-a for having a relationship with his mistress.

Korean singer Na Hoon-a drop pants to deny rumours
Na Hoon-a ‘dropping his trousers’ (Image courtesy of Chosun)

Hoon-a stunned the audiences when he jumped on the table and began lowering his pants, revealing his underwear (partially) before the live TV broadcast was cut. Later reports (video below) showed that he decided to pull his pants back up instead of revealing anything further.

The ‘castration’ rumour was spreading like wildfire online last week, that Hoon-a was in relationship with a Korean actress with ‘Kim’ as surname, who is actually a mistress of a Yakuza boss in Korea… thus resulting in the gangster’s revenge on the singer.

Hoon-a was not the only person affected by this saga; actress Kim Hye-soo, who was alleged to be the rumoured mistress, has to publicly deny the rumour as well.


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