Authorities in South Korea have solved the case of the death of a man who was alleged to have been killed by an exploding mobile phone battery.

Korean cell phone death
The ‘exploded’ mobile
phone in the case

Fact is the mine worker was accidentally struck by heavy machinery, and the co-worker who was at fault decided to create the exploded mobile phone story to cover up the accident.

The victim was found in a quarry where he worked on Nov 28 in Cheongwon County in North Chungcheong Province, with burns on his chest, fractured ribs and damaged lungs and heart. The mobile phone at his chest was burning and the battery melting… leading the media to believe in the co-worker’s claim that the mobile phone had exploded and caused the death.

The incident has caused havoc among South Koreans regarding the safety of their mobile phone. Phone maker LG (the phone used by the victim) has to issue statement calming down the public that their products have been rigorously tested and approved by independent agencies.

The police finding has managed to clear LG out of the box. The press reported that the co-worker has backed his machinery onto the victim accidentally and crushed the victim’s chest (with the mobile phone). It was uncertain if the mobile phone was set on fire by the co-worker or burnt because of the heavy impact.


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