Korean stars gathered at the “Love Your W” event organized by W Magazine in Seoul last Friday (Oct 26) to promote breast cancer awareness.

Ji Jin-hee at Love Your W 2007 Jung woo-sung at Love Your W
Actors Ji Jin-hee (left) and Jung Woo-sung

Lee Jung-jae at Love Your W Jang Geun-suk at Love Your W
Actors Lee Jung-jae (Gosh, the suit is so ugly) and Jang Geun-suk

Chae Jung-an at Love Your W Park Si-yeon at Love Your W
Actresses Chae Jung-an and Park Si-yeon

Hong Soo-hyun at Love Your W Park Chan-wook at Love Your W
Actress Hong Soo-hyun and director Park Chan-wook (Image credits as labeled)

Btw, the W in Love Your W means something, try figure it out… (Hint: it has to do with the ‘W’ shape)


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