Lee Jung-hyun is popular Korean singer famous for her techno-pop music.

Picture of Korean artist Lee Jung-hyun
Picture of Lee Jung-hyun

Lee Jung-hyun Profile

Name: Lee Jung-hyun
Korean name: 이정현
DOB: February 7, 1980
Birth place: Daegu, South Korea
Height: 158cm
Blood type: O
Profession: Actress and singer

(Also known as Lee Jeong-hyeon)

Lee Jung-hyun Biography

Lee Jung-hyun made her entertainment debut when she was 16 in movie “Petal” (꽃잎) in 1996; Lee continued to star in some movies before making her singing debut with single “Wa” (와; means ‘come’) in 1998 that topped the Korean SBS charts for 3 weeks.

Lee’s 3rd single, “Bakkwo” (바꿔; means ‘change’) achieved greater success by eventually becoming the most broadcasted song of the year. Not only that her techno-pop music attracted many fans, her performance style and fashion sense were talk of the town too.

Lee released her debut album, “Let’s Go to My Star” in 1999.

Lee Jung-hyun became popular across Asia when Hong Kong pop star Sammi Cheng released the Chinese remake version of Bakkwo in 2002, which became a superhit in Chinese region. Sammi also sang a few other remakes of Lee’s songs after that.

Besides Sammi, other Asian singers that have remake Lee’s song include Taiwanese stars Evonne Hsu, Cyndi Wang and Vietnamese singer Veronica Ngo.

Lee Jung-hyun released her first Japanese single, “Heaven” in 2004. She released her debut Japanese album “This is Hyony” in 2006.

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