An Olympic-themed cartoon has been a hit in China since its public release on August 8, 2007.

The 100-episodes animation series is titled “The Fuwa Olympic Cruise” (or “Olympic Adventures of Fuwa”; 福娃奥运漫游记) and features Fuwa, the 5 mascots of Beijing Olympic 2008. The series introduces the history and trivia of Olympic, as well as Chinese cultures and the preparation for Beijing Olympic.

The Beijing Olympic will be held from August 8-24 in 2008.

Fuwa Olympic cartoon (福娃奥运漫游记) Fuwa Olympic cartoon (福娃奥运漫游记)
Footage from the cartoon featuring Beijing Olympic mascot, Fuwa

Fuwa, Beijing Olympic 2008 mascot
The 5 Fuwa (More details on Beijing Olympic official website)


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