Daniel Wu is an American born Chinese actor that is famous in Hong Kong and Asia.

American born Chinese actor Daniel Wu
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Daniel Wu Profile

Name: Wu Yanzu, Daniel
Chinese name: 吴彦祖 (吳彥祖)
DOB: September 30, 1974
Birth place: San Francisco, California, USA
Height: 183cm
Profession: Actor, director and model

(Also known as Daniel Ng, Wu Yan Zu, Ng Yin Zou, Ng Yin Jo, Ng Yin Jo, Ng Yin Cho, Ng Yin Chou)

Daniel Wu Biography

Daniel Wu is a Chinese martial art practitioner since his youth; he moved to Hong Kong in 1997 after graduated from University of Oregon (architecture), and started his entertainment career in modelling.

Daniel made his acting debut in 1998 in “Young and Dangerous: The Prequel” as supporting cast. He starred in a few more movies before making his breakthrough as the leading actor for “Purple Storm” in 1999. Purple Storm won some awards in various film festivals, and people started to notice Daniel’s acting besides his look.

Daniel continued to star in dozens of movies, but his next breakthrough came years later in 2004, with his performances in “One Nite in Mongkok” and “New Police Story”. He won the prestigious Golden Horse award (best supporting actor) with the later movie.

With the Golden Horse success, Daniel managed to land more roles in high profile movies, like “The Banquet”, “Protégé” and “Blood Brothers” etc.

Daniel forms a boyband, ‘Alive’ in 2005. His attention however, is not about the music, but to direct a mockumentary about Hong Kong music industry, using Alive as the centre of the plots.

His directing debut, “The Heavenly Kings” was released in April 2006. The movie is not a huge box office success, but Daniel claimed the best new director award the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards in 2007.

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