Ariel Lin is popular Taiwanese actress, famous with TV dramas like “It Started with a Kiss” and “Fairy from Wonderland” etc.

Picture of Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin I Chen
Picture of Ariel Lin

Ariel Lin Profile

Name: Lin I Chen, Ariel
Chinese name: 林依晨
DOB: October 29, 1982
Birth place: Taiwan
Height: 160cm
Blood type: A
Profession: Actress

(Also known as Lin Yi Chen, Lin Yichen)

Ariel Lin Biography

Ariel Lin started acting in 2002, as the main actress in her debut drama “True Love”. She then starred in other dramas like “Secret Garden”, “Seventh Grade” and “Love Contract”, and gradually becoming a popular young actress in Taiwan.

Ariel’s breakthrough was in 2005 with TV drama “It Started with a Kiss” (ISWAK), co-starring Joe Cheng, which was a hit in Taiwan as well as other Asian region. Ariel has become increasingly popular in other Asian countries.

Ariel’s following series “Fairy from Wonderland” and “Tokyo Juliet” were quite popular as well. Her latest projects are the sequel for ISWAK (“They Kiss Again”) and “The Legend of Condor Heroes”.

Ariel also sang some theme songs for her dramas, but has not release any albums to date.

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Joe Cheng is popular Taiwanese actor and supermodel. He is famous with TV dramas like “The Rose” and “It Started with a Kiss” etc.

Chinese artist Joe Cheng
Picture of Joe Cheng

Joe Cheng Profile

Name: Cheng Yuan Chang, Joseph
Chinese name: 郑元畅 (鄭元暢)
Nickname: Xiao Zhong (小综)
DOB: June 19, 1982
Birth place: Taiwan
Height: 188cm
Blood type: O
Profession: Actor and model

(Also known as Zheng Yuan Chang)

Joe Cheng Biography

Joe started his entertainment career as a fashion and commercial model. He made his acting debut in 2003 TV drama “The Rose”, starring alongside Ella Chen and Jerry Huang. The drama was a big hit, and Joe became a popular actor in Taiwan since then.

Joe continued to star in numerous dramas while keeping his modelling job. He has mentioned that he won’t give up as a model because it’s where he started his entertainment career, and he hopes that he will do well in both acting and modelling.

2005 was another breakthrough year for Joe; he starred in Japanese manga adapted TV drama “It Started with a Kiss” (ISWAK) with Ariel Lin, which was a big hit across Asia… and Joe becomes an international star.

Joe and Ariel are currently filming the sequel for ISWAK.

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