Chinese star Edison Chen has announced his exit from Hong Kong entertainment world following the nude-photos scandal that involved several famous female artists.

Chinese artist Edison Chen responding to sex photo scandal
Edison during the press conference

Edison made his announcement at a press conference in Hong Kong on Feb 21. He has admitted that the most of the related nude photos circulated online in recent weeks are taken by him, and has also apologised to her female ‘partners’ and others that have been affected by the issue.

The Chronicles of the nude Photos Scandal

On Jan 28, several nude photos involving two female Hong Kong artists and Edison were uploaded online and spread like wildfire.

The artists’ respective agency had responded that the photos were fake and doctored, but lots of the netizens have different opinions.

Jan 30, the Hong Kong police arrested the first suspect for spreading the photos. This action has enraged the netizens, accusing the police of playing favouritism to protect the artists.

Jan 31, the Hong Kong police had verified the authentication of the photos. Early investigations suggested that the photos were obtained from Edison’s hard disk when he sent his computer for repair earlier.

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