Wang Lee Hom (often referred simply as LeeHom) is one of the most popular Chinese pop stars worldwide. LeeHom was born in New York, but started his music career in Taiwan in 1995. He also started acting in recent years.

Chinese pop star Alexander Wang Lee Hom
Picture of Wang Lee Hom

Wang Lee Hom Profile

Name: Wang Lee Hom, Alexander
Chinese name: 王力宏
Nickname: Homeboy
DOB: May 17, 1976
Birth place: Rochester, New York, USA
Height: 180cm
Blood type: O
Profession: Singer, songwriter and actor

(Also known as Lee-Hom Wang, Wang Leehom, Wang Lee Hong)

Wang Lee Hom Biography

Wang Lee Hom was born in New York, and started learning music at young age.

He inked a recording deal in 1995 in Taiwan when visiting his grandparents, and released his debut album “Love Rival Beethoven” in late 1995. Love Rival Beethoven was not a huge commercial success, but LeeHom was getting notice with his talent…

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