A series of commemorative medal for basketball star Yao Ming has been released in Beijing, China. The medals are produced by gold, silver and high-relief cast copper technology; the price is not mentioned.

Yao Ming commemorative medal
Yao Ming commemorative medal
Yao Ming commemorative medal on sale (Image courtesy of Xinhuanet)


Actress Annie Shizuka Inoh poses with Chinese NBA star, Yao Ming, at a recent charity auction in Beijing (Sep 19)… Yao’s Houston Rocket jersey is more like a dress on Annie.

Annie Shizuka Inoh and Yao Ming Annie Shizuka Inoh in Yao Ming jersey
Annie Shizuka Inoh wearing Yao Ming’s jersey (Image courtesy of Xinhuanet)

The charity auction was jointly sponsored by Yao Ming and Phoenix Suns star Steve Nash. It is reported that the auction managed to raise 7 million Yuan (~ USD930,000) to finance kids’ education in China’s poorest regions.

Annie is famous Chinese artist. Also known as Annie Yi, the Taiwanese born star got her Japanese like name from her Japanese stepfather. She is one of the many celebrities that attended the event to support the charity cause.

Chinese basketball star Yao Ming and his fiancée Ye Li shot their wedding photos in the scenic Taihu Yuan resort in Lin’an, China’s Zhejiang Province, on July 30.

Yao Ming and Ye Li shoot wedding photos Yao Ming and Ye Li shoot wedding photos
Yao Ming and fiancée shooting wedding photos (Image courtesy of Sohu)

The couple hasn’t revealed their exact date to tie their knots but it is speculated that they will officially married any time in August.



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