Japanese actor Joe Odagiri (31) and actress Yu Kashii (20) have announced on Thursday (Dec 27) their surprise engagement. The celebrity couple announced the news through their respective agency before meeting the press later at night for the official announcement.

Joe Odagiri and Yu Kashii announced marriage
Odagiri and Kashii meeting the press

Odagiri and Kashii met each other and started their relationship in late 2005 when filming for movie “Pavillion Sanshouo”. The press had suspected their relationship back then, but didn’t follow up with their story as both of the stars had other saucier rumours instead.

Odagiri is one of the most acclaimed Japanese actors; his recent movie “Tokyo Tower – Okan to Boku to Tokidoki Oton” is a great hit across Asia. Kashii is a rising star in Japan; her most noticeable role is probably from popular movie “Death Note”.

[Update] The couple tie knots on Feb 16, 2008 – the birthday for both Odagiri and Kashii.



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