It’s graduation season in Korea, and 2 Korean pop stars, Lee Jung-hyun and Ivy have officially graduated from their respective universities for the past 2 days.

Lee graduated from Chung-Ang University (중앙대학교; literally Central University) after 9 years of studies, while Ivy from Dongduk Women’s University after 7 years.

Lee is a veteran singer and actress; she was already quite famous when she enrolled into CAU in 1999. Ivy is relatively new but was arguably the most outstanding Korean female pop star in 2007.

Korean pop star Ivy graduated from university Korean pop star Ivy graduated from university
Ivy’s graduation… shiny shoes and expensive bag

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Korean pop star Ivy is back on stage at a K-pop concert in Vancouver, Canada, on Nov 25 after staying hiatus since early November following a sex tape saga.

Ivy at Vancouver K-pop Concert Ivy at Vancouver K-pop Concert
Ivy at the K-pop concert in Vancouver (Image credits to Chosun)

Ivy ex-boyfriend has blackmailed her in October threatening to expose their (hidden) relationship to the public and claimed that he had a tape to prove it. Early speculations suggested that the ex-boyfriend might have a sex tape recorded secretly… but later investigations showed that such tape never existed.

Her ex-boyfriend is now charged for distortion and violent conduct (he is alleged to have hit Ivy and damaged her car).

The saga also led to rumours that Ivy had an affair with another singer (as claimed by her ex) that led to the sour relationship. The accusation raised heated discussions among netizens… some has shown their support for Ivy, but some doesn’t share as much sympathy. In the end the rumours still remained unproven despite some indications that it might be true.

Regardless, Ivy is back.

Korean pop star Ivy is blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend, who claimed to have some intimate video clips that could expose their relationship.

Korean singer Ivy
Korean pop star Ivy

Ivy’s ex-boyfriend (identified as Mr. Yoo) has been blackmailing Ivy and her agency in October with a video clip, and demanded 45 million Korean Won (~ US$50,000) or he would expose their relationship to the public.

Korean police has arrested Yoo on October 31 and has applied for a warrant to keep him in custody for further investigation.

Ivy and Yoo met each other before she becomes a singer. Their relationship turned into romance for 2 years before turning sour in early 2007.

There are a few versions of stories on what led to the breakup and blackmailing…

1. Yoo wanted Ivy to make their relationship public but was refused.

2. Yoo’s frequent acts of violence; he damaged Ivy’s SM5 car in October in front of a cafe in Kangnam.

3. Ivy is seeing someone else (a male singer).

Early rumours suggested that Yoo, currently unemployed, possesses a sex tape that he recorded using hidden camera. Later sources suggested otherwise… that the video might not exist at all. The police didn’t comment about this matter.

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