SG Wannabe’s Chae Dong-ha is leaving the popular Korean R&B group soon. SG Wannabe’s agency, Mnet Media, has revealed that Chae will not be renewing his contract when it expires in May 2008.

Korean pop group SG Wannabe
SG Wannabe (L-R)… Kim Jin-ho, Chae Dong-ha and Kim Yong-jun (Image courtesy of Sina)

It has been a known fact that Chae is interested in branching out his career into acting and stage performances, but Mnet wanted SG Wannabe to focus in singing instead… Chae has no choice but to leave the group to pursue his own interest.

Chae’s decision has received blessings from his other group members, Kim Yong-jun and Kim Jin-ho. It’s not the end of SG Wannabe though, as Mnet has announced that they will find a replacement for Chae instead of disbanding the group.

SG Wannabe has been a hit group in Korea since making their debut in 2004. The trio’s 4th and latest album “The Sentimental Chord” is Korea’s best selling album of the year 2007.

SG Wannabe is expected to release their 5th album before Chae leaves the group.

Sg Wannabe The Sentimental Chord

The Recording Industry Association of Korea (MIAK) has announced that SG Wannabe tops Korea’s best selling album chart of 2007.

SG Wannabe’s “The Sentimental Chord” sold 190,998 copies, followed by Super Junior’s “Don’t Don” (164,058) and Epik High’s “Remapping the Human Soul” (120,301).

With South Korea’s 49 million populations, the sales figure is surprisingly low for a best selling album.

The Asia Song Festival 2007 was held in Seoul on Saturday (Sep 22). Dozen of pop stars from 9 countries entertained thousands of fans at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

The show was emceed by TV host Choi Gi-hwan and singer-turn-actress Eugene Kim. The big names that performed in the show include F4 and A-mei (Taiwan), Gigi Leung (Hong Kong), Mai Kuraki (Japan), Vicki Zhao (China), Barbie Almalbis (Philippines), Golf & Mike (Thailand), Lam Truong (Vietnam), Peter Pan (Indonesia) and throng of Korean stars like TVXQ, Lee Hyori, Super Junior etc.

Choi Gi-hwan and Eugene Kim at Asia Song Festival 2007
Choi Gi-hwan and Eugene Kim

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