More red carpet pictures from the 28th Blue Dragon Awards

Daniel Henney at Blue Dragon Film Awards 2007 Daniel Henney at Blue Dragon Film Awards 2007
Daniel Henney with a bizarre hair style

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The 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards was held at the National Theatre in Seoul last Friday (Nov 23). Blue Dragon Awards (Cheongryong) is one of the most important movie awards in Korea.

“The Show Must Go On” won the best movie and best actor award (Song Kang-ho); best director is won by Hur Jin-ho with “Happiness”; while Jeon Do-yeon, as expected, won the best actress with “Secret Sunshine”.

Below are pictures from the event (red carpet mostly)…

Song Kang-ho and Jeon Do-yeon at Blue Dragon Film Awards 2007 Song Kang-ho and Jeon Do-yeon at Blue Dragon Film Awards 2007
Best actor Song Kang-ho and best actress Jeon Do-yeon

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Korean singer-turn-producer Park Jin-young (better known as JYP) is making his comeback to the stage after 6 years of hiatus. He held a mini comeback party on Nov 15 in Seoul before performing on Mnet’s Korean Music Festival (MKMF) a day later.

I know some JYP fans will welcome his comeback, but I would prefer him to stay as a producer instead… he has been working wonders over the past 6 years as a music producer.

Besides, Korean music scene has changed quite a lot in the last few years… I am not sure if Korean fans would still accept the extremity of JYP’s music and performances.

Below is JYP’s latest music video, “Kiss”… not recommendable for underage.

Park Jin-young – Kiss MV

Japanese all-girls pop group Morning Musume visited Korea and Taiwan last week to promote their new album “All Single Complete — 10th Anniversary”.

Their visit in Korea didn’t seem to create much hype, but the girls were very well received in Taiwan. Below is a video of Morning Musume in Korea and some pictures of them in Taiwan…

Press conference in Korea (Oct 26) – they speak in both Korean and Japanese

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Korean model Lee Hyun-ju won the top prize at the Asia Pacific Supermodel Contest 2007. The final of the supermodel contest was held in Goyang, Korea, on November 2.

The show was hosted by Korean stars Ryu Shi-won and Han Ji-hye; with guest performances from boyband Super Junior and singer Whee Sung. 31 female models from Korea, China, Japan and Thailand contested in the final.

Lee Hyun-ju and Lee Teuk at Asia Pacific Supermodel Contest 2007 Han Ji-hye and Ryu Shi-won hosted the Asia Pacific Supermodel Contest 2007
Winner Lee Hyun-ju with SuJu’s Lee Teuk during a performance by Super Junior (left);
The hostess and the host, Han Ji-hye and Ryu Shi-won (Image courtesy of Chosun)

Korean pop star Ivy is blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend, who claimed to have some intimate video clips that could expose their relationship.

Korean singer Ivy
Korean pop star Ivy

Ivy’s ex-boyfriend (identified as Mr. Yoo) has been blackmailing Ivy and her agency in October with a video clip, and demanded 45 million Korean Won (~ US$50,000) or he would expose their relationship to the public.

Korean police has arrested Yoo on October 31 and has applied for a warrant to keep him in custody for further investigation.

Ivy and Yoo met each other before she becomes a singer. Their relationship turned into romance for 2 years before turning sour in early 2007.

There are a few versions of stories on what led to the breakup and blackmailing…

1. Yoo wanted Ivy to make their relationship public but was refused.

2. Yoo’s frequent acts of violence; he damaged Ivy’s SM5 car in October in front of a cafe in Kangnam.

3. Ivy is seeing someone else (a male singer).

Early rumours suggested that Yoo, currently unemployed, possesses a sex tape that he recorded using hidden camera. Later sources suggested otherwise… that the video might not exist at all. The police didn’t comment about this matter.

[Reference from Shenyue, Ganjjang, Chosun, QQ]

Korean stars gathered at the “Love Your W” event organized by W Magazine in Seoul last Friday (Oct 26) to promote breast cancer awareness.

Ji Jin-hee at Love Your W 2007 Jung woo-sung at Love Your W
Actors Ji Jin-hee (left) and Jung Woo-sung

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Korean-born actor Daniel Dae Kim was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving early Thursday (Oct 25) by Honolulu police – the fourth actor on ABC’s “Lost” to run into trouble with the law while filming in Hawaii.

Daniel later apologized for the arrest; he said in a statement issued through his publicist in California that he is “deeply ashamed and embarrassed” and will fully cooperate with police. [IHT]

Daniel Dae Kim at Lost
Daniel Dae Kim: Opps, I am in deep sh!t

I wonder Daniel will be kicked out of Lost because of this. All the 3 previous troublemakers (Michelle Rodriguez, Cynthia Watros and Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje) have been dropped from the show… albeit indirectly by having their character killed off in the series.

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