The 2nd Asian Film Awards (AFA) were presented on March 17 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, in conjunction with the 32nd Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Korean movie “Secret Sunshine” (밀양; Milyang) is the biggest winner with 3 major awards (complete list). Below are some pics from the event…

Tony Leung and Jeon Do-yeon at Asian Film Awards 2008
Hong Kong actor Tony Leung (best actor) and Korean actress Jeon Do-yeon (best actress)

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A slideshow featuring flight attendants from some Korean airlines, i.e. Korean Air, Asiana Airline, Jeju Air and Hansung Airlines.

The first song is “Sweet Dream” by Korean girls group Redsox; and the second song is “If U Wanna” by another girls group Kara [Hat tip to Hopeisnear@Youtube].

If you are patient enough, you would spot Korean actor Jang Dong-gun in one of the picture with some stewardess. Korean actresses Han Ga-in and Nam Sang-mi also feature in the video too, as spokespersons for Asiana and Jeju respectively.

Seijin no Hi (成人の日; Coming-of-Age Day) is a national holiday in Japan, which falls on the second Monday in January each year (Jan 14 in 2008). The holiday is for young Japanese who reached the legal age of adulthood (20) to celebrate their new status.

A Coming-of-Age ceremony (成人式; Seijin shiki) is normally held in the morning at local city offices where politicians and academicians will give speeches reminding the new adults of their social responsibilities.

The young adults would often visit a shrine after the ceremony to make their wishes before started partying (with plenty of drinks I guess).

Ladies coming-of-age are often seen wearing furisode (a style of kimono) on the day, which makes it a special day for otaku photographers as well…

Kimono girls are photographers favourite on Seijin no Hi
Photographers’ paradise (Image courtesy of MyMapOfJapan)

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Korean pop girls group S.E.S got back together to celebrate their 10th anniversary at a special reunion with fans on Dec 9. It was their first official appearance as a group in 5 years.

S.E.S made their public debut in Nov 1997 and was arguably the most popular Korean girls group in late 90s and early 2000s. The group was however disbanded (albeit unofficially) in late 2002 with all the 3 members (Bada, Eugene and Shoo) pursuing their solo career instead.

Korean pop group S.E.S 10th anniversary reunion
S.E.S 10th anniversary reunion… Bada, Eugene and Shoo (L-R)

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The showgirls are almost synonymous to automobile exhibition these days; they probably attract as many visitors as the exhibited vehicles during the events.

Below are some photos of showgirls in the 5th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition, the last grand automobile exhibition in China for 2007, which kicked off on Nov 20.

Showgirls at 5th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition
Showgirls at 5th China (Guangzhou) Int’l Automobile Exhibition

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Japanese all-girls pop group Morning Musume visited Korea and Taiwan last week to promote their new album “All Single Complete — 10th Anniversary”.

Their visit in Korea didn’t seem to create much hype, but the girls were very well received in Taiwan. Below is a video of Morning Musume in Korea and some pictures of them in Taiwan…

Press conference in Korea (Oct 26) – they speak in both Korean and Japanese

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Korean actress Lee Da-hae is trying a new look here… a sexy rock chick instead of her usual nice girl-next-door image.

Lee, famous for her play in TV drama “My Girl”, is recording a clip to promote the 2007 Mnet Korean Music Festival (MKMF) which she is co-hosting with comedian Shin Dong-yup on November 7. Lee sings the famous rock song “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” in the video clip. [K-popped]

Korean actress Lee Da-hae Korean actress Lee Da-hae
Lee Da-hae the rock girl

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Kim Tae-hee is one of the most popular Korean actresses; famous for her role in TV drama “Love Story in Harvard”.

Korean actress Kim Tae-hee
Picture of Kim Tae-hee

Kim Tae-hee Profile

Name: Kim Tae-hee
Korean name: 김태희
DOB: March 29, 1980
Birth place: Ulsan, South Korea
Height: 165cm
Blood type: O
Profession: Actress

(Also known as Kim Tae-hui)

Kim Tae-hee Biography

Kim Tae-hee made her entertainment debut as a model in late 90s, before started acting in some cameo roles.

Kim’s breakthrough came in 2003 with popular drama “Stairway to Heaven”, co-starring Kwon Sang-woo and Choi Ji-woo. Kim played the bad character in the drama, but her appearance and acting has won her many fans.

Kim Tae-hee then landed a leading role in “Forbidden Love” before starring in “Love Story in Harvard” (LSIH) alongside Kim Rae-won in 2005. LSIH was a great hit in Korea and some Asian countries, and Kim becomes a regional superstar.

LSIH is Kim’s last drama to date; she starred in movie “The Restless” in 2006… a huge budget movie that ended in disappointment. Her latest movie is “Quarrel” (Ssawoom) which is premiering in December 2007.

Kim Tae-hee has been featuring in lots of commercial films; lots of her CF are well received by fans and consumers, but there are critics arguing that she should spend more time on acting in real dramas and movies instead of all the commercials.

One undeniable fact though, Kim Tae-hee still remains as one of the most popular Korean actresses in Asia.

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