The showgirls are almost synonymous to automobile exhibition these days; they probably attract as many visitors as the exhibited vehicles during the events.

Below are some photos of showgirls in the 5th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition, the last grand automobile exhibition in China for 2007, which kicked off on Nov 20.

Showgirls at 5th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition
Showgirls at 5th China (Guangzhou) Int’l Automobile Exhibition

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Jolin Tsai is one of the most popular Taiwanese pop star.

Chinese pop star Jolin Tsai
Picture of Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai Profile

Name: Tsai Yi Lin, Jolin
Chinese name: 蔡依林
DOB: September 15, 1980
Birth place: Hsinchuang, Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 158-161cm (various sources)
Blood type: A
Profession: Singer

(Also known as Tsai I Lin, Cai Yilin)

Jolin Tsai Biography

Jolin Tsai inked a recording deal with Universal Music after winning a singing contest when she was 18. She released her first single in July 1999, and debut album “Jolin 1019” in September. Her debut was a great success, making her an instant star in Taiwan.

Branded as the Teenage Boy Killer, Jolin released her 2nd album “Don’t Stop” in 2000, also with great success. Her 3rd and 4th album achieved decent sales, but didn’t perform as well as her previous albums. Furthermore, some contract dispute had led to her hiatus for more than a year in 2001-2002.

Jolin didn’t renew her contract with Universal and signed for Sony BMG in 2002. She released her comeback (5th) album “Magic” in 2003, and rose back to fame. Jolin shed her old image and turn into a more mature and sexy lady instead.

Jolin worked with famous pop star Jay Chou in Magic; and soon after both were rumoured to have a romance relationship. The rumoured relationship ‘lasted’ for almost 2 years before Jay was linked to another girl; both Jay and Jolin have never admitted to their relationship though.

Jolin released another 2 best-selling albums “Castle” and “J-Games” in 2004 and 2005 respectively, making her one of the top Chinese female singers.

Jolin signed for a new company, Capitol EMI in 2006. She released album “Dancing Diva” in May 2006, which becomes her best selling album thus far. Besides making breakthroughs in her music style, the album also branded her a dance diva, which she showed that she is worth the title in many occasions from her concerts and shows.

Jolin’s performance in Dancing Diva also landed her the prestigious Best Female Singer awards at the 18th Annual Golden Melody Awards in 2007.

Jolin has just released her latest album, “Agent J” in September 2007.

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Sammi Cheng is famous Hong Kong pop star and actress.

Picture of Hong Kong artist Sammi Cheng
Picture of Sammi Cheng

Sammi Cheng Profile

Name: Cheng Sau Man, Sammi
Chinese name: 郑秀文 (鄭秀文)
DOB: August 19, 1972
Birth place: Hong Kong, China
Height: 165cm
Blood type: AB
Profession: Actress and singer

Sammi Cheng Biography

Sammi Cheng was discovered from a singing competition when she was 16. She wasn’t the eventual winner (she was 3rd) but showed enough potential to ink a recording deal.

Sammi released her debut album, “Sammi” in 1990; and made her acting debut in 1991 with TV drama “Life of His Own”.

Sammi’s singing breakthrough came in 1992 in a successful collaboration album, “Fiery Motion”, with Aaron Kwok, Andy Hui and Edmund Leung. Her following solo album, “Happy Maze” in 1993 was also quite a hit, and Sammi gradually built her reputation as one of the best female singers in Hong Kong and other Chinese region.

1996 was another breakthrough year for Sammi… as her singing career continued to boom, she starred in popular movie “Feel 100%” and was becoming a recognized actress as well. Since then she has starred in other box office hit like “Needing You”, “Summer Holiday”, “Love on Diet” and “Infernal Affairs” etc.

Besides her entertainment talent, Sammi was also known for her trend-setting image and her ‘underground’ relationship with fellow singer Andy Hui (their relationship ended in 2004).

Sammi was one of the most popular Hong Kong female artists in late 90s and early 2000s. Her popularity has faded a bit in recent years, very much due to her poor health condition (asthma) which forced her into hiatus since early 2005.

Sammi is making her comeback in 2007; she has held a few sold-out concerts in Hong Kong and is set to release her new album and to star in movies again.

Sammi Cheng Related Website

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Ariel Lin is popular Taiwanese actress, famous with TV dramas like “It Started with a Kiss” and “Fairy from Wonderland” etc.

Picture of Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin I Chen
Picture of Ariel Lin

Ariel Lin Profile

Name: Lin I Chen, Ariel
Chinese name: 林依晨
DOB: October 29, 1982
Birth place: Taiwan
Height: 160cm
Blood type: A
Profession: Actress

(Also known as Lin Yi Chen, Lin Yichen)

Ariel Lin Biography

Ariel Lin started acting in 2002, as the main actress in her debut drama “True Love”. She then starred in other dramas like “Secret Garden”, “Seventh Grade” and “Love Contract”, and gradually becoming a popular young actress in Taiwan.

Ariel’s breakthrough was in 2005 with TV drama “It Started with a Kiss” (ISWAK), co-starring Joe Cheng, which was a hit in Taiwan as well as other Asian region. Ariel has become increasingly popular in other Asian countries.

Ariel’s following series “Fairy from Wonderland” and “Tokyo Juliet” were quite popular as well. Her latest projects are the sequel for ISWAK (“They Kiss Again”) and “The Legend of Condor Heroes”.

Ariel also sang some theme songs for her dramas, but has not release any albums to date.

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Li Yuchun is one of China’s most popular singers. She started her singing career after winning the nation-wide singing contest ‘Super Voice Girls’ in 2005.

Picture of Chinese singer Chris Li Yuchun
Picture of Li Yuchun

Li Yuchun Profile

Name: Li Yuchun, Chris
Chinese name: 李宇春
DOB: March 10, 1984
Birth place: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Height: 174cm
Blood type: A
Profession: Singer

(Also known as Yuchun Li, Chris Lee, Li Yu Chun)

Li Yuchun Biography

Chris Li Yuchun become a superstar China after winning the ‘Super Voice Girls’ singing competition in 2005. The finale of the reality-contest show (similar to ‘American Idol’) drew the largest audiences in China’s TV history, with the winner decided by nation-wide voting.

Shortly after her victory Yuchun was featured at Time Asia magazine as one of the Asia’s Heroes; her debut single “Sweetheart, I Love You” was also released not long after that.

Yuchun held her first solo concert in her hometown of Chengdu on March 10, 2006 (on her 22nd birthday). The amazing thing was that she hadn’t release a full album yet when she held the concert, but still managed to draw a huge crowd.

Yuchun released her debut album, “The Queen and the Dreams” in September 2006.

Yuchun remains as one of the most popular Chinese singers currently.

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Crystal Liu Yifei is one of the fastest rising stars in China. She is set to make her Hollywood debut in 2008, starring in movie “The Forbidden Kingdom” alongside international action superstars Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

Picture of Chinese artist Crystal Liu Yifei
Picture of Crystal Liu

Crystal Liu Profile

Name: Liu Yifei, Crystal
Chinese name: 刘亦菲 (劉亦菲, 刘茜美子, 劉茜美子)
Birth name: An Feng (安风)
Nickname: Xixi (茜茜), Baozi (包子)
DOB: August 25, 1987
Birth place: Wuhan, China
Height: 170cm
Blood type: B
Profession: Actress and singer

(Also known as Yifei Liu, Liu Yi Fei, Liu Xi Meizi)

Crystal Liu Biography

Crystal was born in China, but moved to USA in 1998 with her mother (her parents divorced when she was 7). She came back to China when she was 15 to study at the prestigious Beijing Film Academy.

Shortly after her admittance to the academy, Crystal was offered her debut role in TV drama “The Story of a Noble Family”. Her performance in the drama gained some notice and soon landed her role in another drama, “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”, which established her as a rising star in China.

Crystal starred in a couple of movies in 2004 (“The Love Winner” and “Love of May”), and also in popular TV drama “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” (also known as “Chinese Paladin”).

Her major breakthrough came in 2006 with her leading role in TV drama “The Return of the Condor Heroes” which makes her a superstar in Asia region.

Subsequent with her fame she also inked a record deal and released her debut album, “Mayonaka no Door” (oddly enough, a Japanese album) in July 2006. She released her first Chinese album in September 2006.

Crystal has finished filming Forbidden Kingdom (also known as “King of Kungfu) in late 2007. The movie is scheduled to release in April 2008 and could possibly boost her fame in Hollywood… another Zhang Ziyi in making perhaps?

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Rainie Yang is popular Taiwanese artist; she is famous for both her acting and music career.

Chinese artist Rainie Yang
Picture of Rainie Yang

Rainie Yang Profile

Name: Yang Cheng Lin, Rainie
Chinese name: 杨丞琳 (楊丞琳)
DOB: June 4, 1984
Birth place: Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 162cm
Blood type: AB
Profession: Actress and singer

Rainie Yang Biography

Rainie started her entertainment career when she was 14, appearing in commercials in Hong Kong.

When she was 15 she went for an audition in Taiwan, and was selected to be a member of girls group “Fall In Love” along with another 3 girls. It was then that she got her stage name Rainie (previously Lily).

Fall In Love released 2 albums with decent success, before being disbanded in 2002 due to various reasons. Rainie was already quite famous on her own back then, after starring in popular TV drama “Meteor Garden” in 2001.

Rainie then starred in another hit drama “Tomorrow” in 2002, and gradually becoming an established actress. It was also in 2002 that she landed the hosting job in popular variety show “Guess, Guess, Guess”.

Rainie continues to star in various TV series, but she had to wait until 2005 for her next breakthrough, after starring in popular drama “Devil Beside You” with Mike He. The success of the drama also helps Rainie to re-launch her music career; she released her debut solo album “My Intuition” in September 2005 with great success.

Rainie released her 2nd album, “Meeting Love” in March 2006, which is again a hit.

Rainie starred in acclaimed movie “Spider Lilies” alongside Isabella Leong in 2007. The movie won an award in the Berlin Film Festival.

Rainie Yang Related Websites

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