Japanese toy maker Sanrio unveiled the world’s largest Hello Kitty statue (2.5 metres tall) at its flagship store in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district on Feb 1… [Mainichi]

Largest Hello Kitty statue in the world


Sanrio will start selling in Japan at the end of November a 5Mpix digital camera using the shape of the head of Hello Kitty for its body. The Shutter of this camera will be located on the left ear of Hello Kitty, and the lens in the bow tie. [Akihabaranews]

Hello Kitty camera Hello Kitty camera
Hello Kitty digital camera

Hello Kitty optical mouse - pink ribbon Hello Kitty optical mouse - red ribbon
Hello Kitty optical mouse (Hat tip to Japundit)

[Buy it from Amazon]

Hello Kitty bus in Japan
Kawaii… (Image courtesy of Kirai)

“Let’s learn Japanese culture with Hello Kitty” is an event held at Tamagawa Takashimaya shopping center in Tokyo on September 2.

Hello Kitty performs traditional Japanese dance Hello Kitty performs traditional Japanese dance
A performer dressed in Hello Kitty themed kimono to perform a classical Japanese dance

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A new disciplinary measure is introduced in Bangkok’s police force, especially for police investigators who refuse to play by the rules. The punishment… to make them wear a pink Hello Kitty armband.

Hello Kitty armband
Pink Hello Kitty armband

Starting this week, the warning will come in the form of the popular Japanese cat cartoon sitting on a heart on a pink background.

”The same old warnings no longer work for some officers,” CSD acting chief Pongpat Chayaphan said.

”This new approach is intended to engender a feeling of guilt and discourage them from repeating the offence.”

Pol Gen Pongpat said 10 armbands were available. In addition to wearing it, a first-time offender must accompany the officer roster as deputy chief of the day. That means walking to all parts of the CSD office, and being seen wearing the armband.

Offences liable to earn an officer the pink Kitty include failing to report for duty, parking in a prohibited area, fighting, or being the subject of a complaint about poor service.

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