Nytimes featured an article about new clothing designs in Japan that will ease Japan’s growing fears of crime, by camouflaging as vending machines etc.. Fact is the designs seem more like a funny prank rather than any serious anti-crime tactics.

Btw, as Japundit pointed out… it is not something new, but merely a “repackaging of a story that made the rounds on the Internet back in 2005.”

Vending machine skirt in Japan
Vending machine camouflage in the Tokyo streets (Image courtesy of Nytimes)


US tennis star Venus Williams and Russian player Maria Kirilenko were dressed in Hanbok (traditional Korean dress) during the awards presentation ceremony at the Hansol Korea Open on September 30.

Williams is the champion after beating Kirilenko in the final. Besides the prize money, the champ was also presented with a Koryochungja, a vase made of Korean green porcelain.

Venus Williams and Maria Kirilenko in Hanbok Venus Williams with Hanbok and Koryochungja
The tennis stars in Hanbok (Image courtesy of Hansolopen)

The fashion and styling of Korean artist Honey Lee has gone all wrong here. Honey will feature in the October issue of Vogue magazine (Korea version)… they aren’t serious about using this photo ain’t so?

Miss Korea 2006 Honey Lee in a bad fashion day
Miss Korea 2006, Honey Lee in a bad day (Image courtesy of Donga)

Cosmetics can turn a simple girl into stunning beauty… I guess it can work in the direct opposite as well.

Miss Korea 2006, Honey Lee modelling Hilfiger Denim Jeans; the photos will feature in coming issue of Korea’s InStyle magazine.

Korean model Honey Lee
Miss Korea 2006, Honey Lee

Honey represents Korea at the Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico City. I thought she had bright chance to win the event, but she didn’t perform too well at the Q&A section (the translator should take part of the blame) and finished as the 3rd-runner-up instead.

Anyway, Honey became a popular celebrity back in Korea. She landed a hosting position at Real Time TV Entertainment and is now involved in modelling. Considering her popularity… Honey is likely to star in some dramas/movies soon; she will have a bright future in the entertainment world.

Miss Korea 2006 Honey Lee Honey Lee modelling for Hilfiger Denim
Honey Lee modelling for Hilfiger Denim

Jember Fashion Carnival was held over the weekend (August 5) in East Java, Indonesia. The annual festival is a showcase of alternative fashion designs; an estimated 150,000 people turned out for the event this year.

Jember Fashion Carnival

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Believe it or not – Golden Sh!t, or Gold Unchi in Japanese, is a symbol of luck and monetery fortune. So here it is, some lucky sh!t as your cell phone strap…

Golden poo cell phone strap
Sh!t for luck and money! (Image courtesy of Strapya-world)

After the news conference, here comes the real event… the World Cosplay Summit 2007 (WSC2007) in Nagoya Japan!

World Cosplay Summit 2007
World Cosplay Summit 2007 (Image courtesy of Kuanhoong)

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