Miniskirt mouse pad… hmmm, not sure what I should think now.

Miniskirt mouse pad Miniskirt mouse pad
Miniskirt mouse pad (Image courtesy of Rakuten, via Japundit)


Sanrio will start selling in Japan at the end of November a 5Mpix digital camera using the shape of the head of Hello Kitty for its body. The Shutter of this camera will be located on the left ear of Hello Kitty, and the lens in the bow tie. [Akihabaranews]

Hello Kitty camera Hello Kitty camera
Hello Kitty digital camera

Some floor cleaning robots featured bizarrely on the red carpet of the 20th Tokyo International Film Festival’s opening ceremony

Robotic floor cleaner at TIFF 2007
Robotic floor cleaner on the red carpet (Image courtesy of Sina)

An interesting Japanese video from Nikon for their 90th anniversary celebration. The video shares some development of their camera technology, as well as some nice photos and clips.

Nikon celebrates 90th anniversary [Hat tip to Kuanchong]

Making sushi has never been so easy… Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai Namco has introduced an automatic sushi roller. The roller is meant to be a toy for 6-12 years old girls, but I guess it serves no harm for people who are looking for a fast sushi snack.

Sushi rolling toy-machine
Steps for using sushi rolling toy-machine
You don’t need to understand Japanese to see how it works
(Image courtesy of Bandainamco, via Tokyomango)

Hello Kitty optical mouse - pink ribbon Hello Kitty optical mouse - red ribbon
Hello Kitty optical mouse (Hat tip to Japundit)

[Buy it from Amazon]

A unique, cool but non practical watch… the LED’s in Geomesh light up in various patterns to tell the time, with the horizontal and vertical lights to indicate hours & minutes.

Tokyoflash Geomesh Watch Tokyoflash Geomesh Watch
The left watch: each vertical green line indicates an hour, yellow horizontal line for 5 minutes each, and red horizontal line for a minute each… thus 9.29; the right watch is single coloured, but it’s the position of the line that matters… (Image courtesy of Tokyoflash, via Technabob)

The price of the watch is ¥13,900 (~ USD121). I don’t think I would want to go through the headache just to read the time though.

A moving alarm clock on wheels that rolls around the room beeping and hides so users have to get up and turn it off has proved a hit in Japan following its introduction.

Alarm clock that rolls away and hides

The unique clock, named “Nanda Clocky” in Japan, was designed three years ago by 27-year-old Gauri Nanda, who was studying at a university in the United States at the time. Nanda, who reportedly struggled to wake up in the morning herself, formed a company and launched the product earlier this year.

Commenting on the clock’s popularity, Nanda said the interest suggested there were a lot of people who were stopping their alarms and drifting back to sleep.

[Buy it from Amazon]



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