Japanese variety show “TV Champion 2” held an origami competition last week with Chuya Miyamoto challenging Satoshi Kamiya. Below are three video clips which showed their amazing origami skills… [Hat tip to Japanprobe]

The origami artists’ creation with a restaurant receipt… Miyamoto created a restaurant employee with the restaurant logo featuring at the centre of the apron; Kamiya created a cow with its calf

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Japanese shows play the darnest games, and I am loving it…

Making sushi has never been so easy… Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai Namco has introduced an automatic sushi roller. The roller is meant to be a toy for 6-12 years old girls, but I guess it serves no harm for people who are looking for a fast sushi snack.

Sushi rolling toy-machine
Steps for using sushi rolling toy-machine
You don’t need to understand Japanese to see how it works
(Image courtesy of Bandainamco, via Tokyomango)

A moving alarm clock on wheels that rolls around the room beeping and hides so users have to get up and turn it off has proved a hit in Japan following its introduction.

Alarm clock that rolls away and hides

The unique clock, named “Nanda Clocky” in Japan, was designed three years ago by 27-year-old Gauri Nanda, who was studying at a university in the United States at the time. Nanda, who reportedly struggled to wake up in the morning herself, formed a company and launched the product earlier this year.

Commenting on the clock’s popularity, Nanda said the interest suggested there were a lot of people who were stopping their alarms and drifting back to sleep.

[Buy it from Amazon]

Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai is introducing a new high-tech toy… ‘Hex Bug’, a translucent robot modelled after real cockroaches.

Hex Bug - cockroach robot toy
Hex Bug in 5 colours (Image courtesy of Strapya)

The robotic bug has a size of H33×W60×D60 (mm), weighs around 16g and came in 5 colours.

It has six legs, a touch sensor that tells it to change directions when it hits a wall, a micro monitor that makes it vibrate like a cell phone, and a mic sensor that lets it scuttle away when you make loud noises. [Tokyomango]

The retail price for a Hex Bug is 1,995 yen (~USD17); you can order these from Strapya.

Video of Hex Bug in action

Nanaca Crash is a simple and interesting Japanese flash game, similar to the famous Penguin Tossing game but with a few extra twists. [Play here]

Online Flash Game, Nanaca Crash
Online flash game Nanaca Crash

The idea is simple, Nanaca is riding on the bike and bang onto Taichi making him flying into the air… the objective of the game is to send Taichi as far as possible. The initial strategy is to find the right angle and hit it as close to 100% as possible.

The extra twist is that Nanaca can boost the flight of Taichi using Aerial Boost; there are 3 chances for Nanaca to increase Taichi’s speed upwards and unlimited push downwards (but needs time to regenerate after each use). You can see the colour of the word AERIAL to determine which boost to use.

Besides, there are some characters on the road that could increase Taichi’s speed, or to slow it down, and ultimately stop it… it takes some time to understand this part though; perhaps you should leave it to chance and just enjoy the game.

My best record is 4339.80m 6279.86m… have fun!

[Hat tip to Japansugoi]

Wonder Festival is an biannual event (Summer & Winter) that showcase figurines and miniatures in Japan. Thousands of people flocked to Tokyo’s Big Sight for this summer show.

Needa Schuetlitch
(Image courtesy of Dannychoo)

Visit Q-taro, Dannychoo and Akihabaranews for more pictures of Wonder Festival 2007.



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