Soccer star David Beckham is in Korea with the Los Angeles Galaxy team in their Asia tour. LA Galaxy will play a friendly match against FC Seoul on March 1 at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

The former England captain will also attend some private functions to meet his fans as well as endorsing some products for his sponsors.

David Beckham in Korea with LA Galaxy
David Beckham in a press conference in Seoul (Image courtesy of Newsen)

LA Galaxy will also play against Shanghai-Hong Kong United in Shanghai, China on March 5. There are news that they will be playing in Hong Kong on March 9 as well, but the schedule has not been confirmed yet.


A 999-metre long wedding dress was recently exhibited at a shopping mall in Dalian, China…

999m wedding dress displayed in Dalian, China 999m wedding dress displayed in Dalian, China
The 999m long wedding dress on display [Hat tip to Cri]

The red dress was purely hand made and took three months to be completed, with dozens of decorative phoenix figures knitted using golden yarn and jades.

Hundreds of locals took part in a mud festival at Mimusubi Shrine in Yotsukaido, near Tokyo, on Feb 25, to pray for good harvest and good health for babies.

Mud wrestling at Mimusubi Shrine in Yotsukaido, Chiba Mud festival at Mimusubi Shrine in Yotsukaido, Chiba
The men wearing loincloths took part in the ‘mud wrestling’, while the babies would have their forehead marked with some mud as a symbol of blessing (Image courtesy of Eastday)

Keepers at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo have been honing their skills in a drill aimed at capturing animals on the loose, in case of a big earthquake. The drill seems a bit bizarre (but fun) though…

Zookeepers in Japan have only had to deal with three escapees in the last 40 years. Well, I guess it’s better be safe than sorry. [Hat tip to Neatorama]

The Intermediate People’s Court of Guangzhou, China, has began (on Feb 22) rehearing of the case of a 24-year-old Chinese who was sentenced for life imprisonment for taking cash from a malfunctioning automatic teller machine (ATM).

In April 2006, Xu Ting found out that an ATM of Guangzhou Commercial Bank was deducting only 1 yuan from his account for every 1,000 yuan withdrawn. Xu subsequently withdrew 175,000 yuan (US$24,000) in 171 transactions while his friend Guo withdrew 18,000 yuan.

Guo was jailed for a year after turning himself in while Xu remained on the run for a year before being caught in May 2007. He was sentenced to life for theft in the first trial in November 2007.

The sentence sparked an outcry from local media and legal experts. Many people said Xu did not deserve the life sentence, and I agree. [Xinhuanet, via Asianoffbeat]

What he did was wrong… but life sentence? You got to be kidding me. Hope that Xu will get a fair punishment at the end of the retrial… I guess with so many media attention, the court would make a more reasonable judgement this time.

Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Fish Market is adopting new rules in April for visitors.

Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest fish market in the world and is famous for its tuna trading. The market has become an iconic travel spot in Tokyo thanks (or no thanks) to foreign travel shows and the blogging hype.

Tuna trading at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan
Tuna trading at Tsukiji Fish Market (Image source)

The influx of visitors has however created a hygiene risk and is interfering with normal business activities.

Specifically, Tsukiji workers complain that some tourists try to touch the fish, and that camera flashes interfere with hand signals used during auctions.

Tourists who arrive unaware of the new rules won’t be kicked out though, but the ill-mannered may be escorted off the premises by security guards, according to a spokesman.

Under the new rules… [Hat tip to Japundit]

* All outside visitors must submit an application in advance.
* Sightseers will be “asked to refrain from entering.”
* Visitors who show up unaware of the new restrictions will be allowed to enter but will be asked to abide by the new rules.
* No flash photos in the auction sites.
* No smoking except in designated areas.
* No babies, baby strollers or other large baggage.

I doubt any travellers would actually refrain themselves from entering… hope that the visitors could at least have the courtesy to follow other simple rules.

Chinese New Year started on Feb 7 this year (normally celebrated for 15-days), and people from all over the world, not just Chinese, are celebrating the festival…

China Jiangxi residents playing extreme firecrackers during Chinese New Year
Villagers in Tianxin Village, Jiangxi Province, China dressed up in full gear to light the firecrackers

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Today is the first day of Chinese New Year (2008). However, it’s not just the Chinese that are celebrating the new year… other ethnic like Koreans and Vietnamese are celebrating new year too, based on the lunisolar calendar.

Below is a music video of some Chinese New Year songs compilation, featuring celebs from Taiwan’s J-star agency; including members from popular boy-band 5566 and 183 Club etc…

A 2006 Chinese New Year music video, with New Year greetings in various languages

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