Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai is introducing a new high-tech toy… ‘Hex Bug’, a translucent robot modelled after real cockroaches.

Hex Bug - cockroach robot toy
Hex Bug in 5 colours (Image courtesy of Strapya)

The robotic bug has a size of H33×W60×D60 (mm), weighs around 16g and came in 5 colours.

It has six legs, a touch sensor that tells it to change directions when it hits a wall, a micro monitor that makes it vibrate like a cell phone, and a mic sensor that lets it scuttle away when you make loud noises. [Tokyomango]

The retail price for a Hex Bug is 1,995 yen (~USD17); you can order these from Strapya.

Video of Hex Bug in action


Believe it or not – Golden Sh!t, or Gold Unchi in Japanese, is a symbol of luck and monetery fortune. So here it is, some lucky sh!t as your cell phone strap…

Golden poo cell phone strap
Sh!t for luck and money! (Image courtesy of Strapya-world)



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