Japanese shows play the darnest games, and I am loving it…


A man in Lanzhou, China, has planted some football shaped calabashes to pay his tribute to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Football shaped calabash Calabash
Football shaped calabash (Image courtesy of Lanzhou Daily) vs a normal calabash

Known as Mr Cha, the Lanzhou citizen wants to present the special shaped calabashes to the organising committee of the Beijing Olympic as a show of appreciation.

Cha took six years of experiments to find a method to grow these calabashes, and has obtained six national patents for his research.

The method of growing these calabashes is simple though… by putting young calabashes into moulds. The difficult part is the extra care needed to prevent the fruits from dying off while inside the mould.

South Korean veteran singer Na Hoon-a has shocked a live national TV audience on Friday (Jan 25) by threatening to drop his trousers to prove that he had not been castrated by a Japanese gangster.

The 60-year-old crooner was at a news conference to deny rumour that his private part was cut off by a Yakuza (Japanese gangster), whom the media reported to be unhappy with Hoon-a for having a relationship with his mistress.

Korean singer Na Hoon-a drop pants to deny rumours
Na Hoon-a ‘dropping his trousers’ (Image courtesy of Chosun)

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A bizarre Korean commercial for Okmewaka ice cream…

Weird but funny somehow… (A longer video with some rehearsing clips)

Amphibious taxi debuts in Osaka

An amphibious sightseeing taxi made a debut in Osaka City on Jan 9, making Osaka the first city in Japan with amphibious taxi service.

The taxi is operated by Osaka Mizukaido 808, and could carry up to 3 passengers. A tour will cost 19,560 yen (~ USD180) for the first hour, and 8,700 yen per 30 minutes after that. [Hat tip to Japundit]

It looks cool, but the price seems a bit scary. We have other options for similar experience though… it seems that there is an amphibious bus sightseeing service in Osaka as well, called the Osaka Duck Tour, which cost around 3,000 yen for a trip.

You have the cookies; you have the tea… how about some puddings as well? A complete package for breast enhancement…

Japanese F-cup pudding
F-cup pudding! (Image courtesy of Kilian-nakamura)

Just like the cookies and tea, the F-cup puddings have a breast enlarging herb pueraria mirifica (a plant found in Southeast Asia) that MIGHT enhance boob size.

An undercover police officer posed as a 15-year-old schoolboy for four months to trap dozens in a Triad gang.

Stephen Chow in Fight Back to School
Stephen Chow in Fight Back to School

The officer, whose real age and identity have been kept secret, posed as a student from October 2005 to January 2006 using a tactic from a 1991 movie “Fight Back to School”, featuring Hong Kong superstar Stephen Chow.

The officer made friends with the gangsters operating in and around the school and watched them deal drugs, recruit students and beat up other students, according to testimony at the trial of one suspect.

A ringleader of the gang was jailed for 14 months after being convicted of drug trafficking, assault and engaging in triad-related activities at Thursday’s hearing. [Metro]

Hong Kong’s Triad gangs (δΈ‰εˆζœƒ) are secret societies that operate drug trafficking syndicates and protection rackets. Hong Kong police estimate that they are responsible for 3 per cent of all crime in the city.

In Fight Back to School, Stephen Chow goes undercover as a student at a Hong Kong high school to recover a senior officer’s missing revolver, and accidentally exposed a triad gang. It was a comedic movie… but it doesn’t sound fun at all when the undercover happens in real life.

These pictures have been circulated online for a while… on how Beijing Olympic got its logo…

The dark humour side of Beijing Olympic logo The dark humour side of Beijing Olympic emblem
The dark humour side of Beijing Olympic symbol The dark humour side of Beijing Olympic logo
The ‘dark side’ of Beijing Olympic logo…

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