Mumin Papa Cafe in Akashi, Japan, has something special to offer their guests beside their food… an experience to relieve yourself in an underwater restroom surrounded by a giant aquarium filled with exotic fishes and a sea turtle.

Video – the aquarium toilet featuring on a Japanese TV show [Hat tip to Pinktentacle]

The luxurious toilet cost the restaurant owner 30 million Yen (~ US$263,000) to build it.

The idea seems cool, but I am not sure if I would be comfortable using the restroom. Besides, I don’t really have the chance to use it… it’s for ladies only.


A brassiere encrusted with over 2500 diamonds is up for sale at a department store in Suzhou, China, with a price tag of RMB10 million (~ USD1.35 million).

Million dollar diamond bra from Suzhou, China
The million dollar diamond bra (Image courtesy of Xinhuanet)

Police officers wearing Father Christmas hats have been on patrol in the Philippine capital, Manila.

Santa cops in Manila, Philippines
Santa cops!

Officials say the festive police force is being deployed in busy shopping areas to “maintain the peace” in the run up to Christmas.

The police are hoping that the move will bring them closer to the public. Residents are reported to be mostly in favour of the idea, as long as the officers continue to carry out their police work. [BBC]

I would love to see some santa cops in my city too; doubt that it would happen though.

Utsunomiya Zoo in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, is giving out lucky charms made from elephant dung to their visitors.

Elephant dung lucky charm from Utsunomiya Zoo, Japan
Ayako and the “lucky” charm

The zoo produced the exam success charms as presents for students preparing to sit university entrance exams. The zoo created the charms by extracting fiber from the dung of a 36-year-old Asian elephant, then sterilizing it and processing it into paper. The charms contain the word “pass” in red characters.

This year is the first time the zoo has tried making the elephant dung charms, but the response has been good, with visitors describing them as “cute”.

Ayako Nakamura, a 23-year-old zookeeper was credited with the idea of making the charm. [Mainichi]

An aquarium filled with exotic fish in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, is using an electric eel to power lights on a Christmas tree.

Electric eel powered Christmas tree in Japan

Each time the electric eel at the Aqua Toto Gifu aquarium touches a copper wire in its tank, it sends power that lights up globes decking a Christmas tree. [Mainichi]

Electric eel is capable of generating powerful electric shocks, which it uses for hunting and self-defense. Despite its name electric eel is not an eel, but a knifefish.

Although it seems like a fun project; mind that it is not child’s play when handling an electric eel. A fully grown electric eel could discharge 400-600 volts and 1 ampere of current… more than enough to harm an adult human.

Kibasen (騎馬戦) is a traditional Japanese game played by Japanese school boys.

The basic of the game involved 4 players on each side, with 3 people (horse) carrying a rider on top. The teams would charge at each other, with the riders attempting to remove the hat (or headband) of the opposition rider and thus defeating the team.

Sometimes they would use 4 carriers instead of 3, especially for younger kids that probably need an extra person to carry the weight.
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Some Japanese high school students doing “sports”; location and circumstances unsure, but it sure looks fun for the youngsters…

The Singapore Media Development Authority (MDA) has created a video with their senior management rapping and dancing, in order to promote the growth of the media industry, and perhaps to bridge their relationship with their citizens…

Get creative, can do, rock on… (Original video here)

The bizarre video has been quite a hit since it was posted on YouTube, but has received mix responses from the netizens and Singaporeans.

Frankly, I think the rap and dance sux. I give them thumbs up for their effort though, as I believe it took enormous courage for them to try this gimmick.

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