Korean boyband Super Junior kicked start their first Asia tour on Feb 22 in Seoul…

Korean boy band Super Junior Super Show concert in Seoul
You need a huge stage for a 13-member boyband

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Wonder Festival is an biannual event in Tokyo which showcases figurines and miniatures which attracts thousands of Otakus each time. The 2008 winter fest was held in late February.

Wonder Festival 2008 Spring Cosplayers at Wonder Festival 2008 Spring
Saber figurine at Wonder Festival 2008 Spring Cosplayers at Wonder Festival 2008 Spring Haruhi figurine at Wonder Festival 2008 Spring
Lucky Star figurines at Wonder Festival 2008 Spring
Figurines and cosplayers at Wonder Fest (Image from Dengeki, Akibablog and Akibana)

You can view more pictures at Akibana, Akiba-Ch, Akibablog, Heisei and Dengeki. Mind that some of the pics are not safe for work.

A 999-metre long wedding dress was recently exhibited at a shopping mall in Dalian, China…

999m wedding dress displayed in Dalian, China 999m wedding dress displayed in Dalian, China
The 999m long wedding dress on display [Hat tip to Cri]

The red dress was purely hand made and took three months to be completed, with dozens of decorative phoenix figures knitted using golden yarn and jades.

It’s graduation season in Korea, and 2 Korean pop stars, Lee Jung-hyun and Ivy have officially graduated from their respective universities for the past 2 days.

Lee graduated from Chung-Ang University (중앙대학교; literally Central University) after 9 years of studies, while Ivy from Dongduk Women’s University after 7 years.

Lee is a veteran singer and actress; she was already quite famous when she enrolled into CAU in 1999. Ivy is relatively new but was arguably the most outstanding Korean female pop star in 2007.

Korean pop star Ivy graduated from university Korean pop star Ivy graduated from university
Ivy’s graduation… shiny shoes and expensive bag

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Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Fish Market is adopting new rules in April for visitors.

Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest fish market in the world and is famous for its tuna trading. The market has become an iconic travel spot in Tokyo thanks (or no thanks) to foreign travel shows and the blogging hype.

Tuna trading at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan
Tuna trading at Tsukiji Fish Market (Image source)

The influx of visitors has however created a hygiene risk and is interfering with normal business activities.

Specifically, Tsukiji workers complain that some tourists try to touch the fish, and that camera flashes interfere with hand signals used during auctions.

Tourists who arrive unaware of the new rules won’t be kicked out though, but the ill-mannered may be escorted off the premises by security guards, according to a spokesman.

Under the new rules… [Hat tip to Japundit]

* All outside visitors must submit an application in advance.
* Sightseers will be “asked to refrain from entering.”
* Visitors who show up unaware of the new restrictions will be allowed to enter but will be asked to abide by the new rules.
* No flash photos in the auction sites.
* No smoking except in designated areas.
* No babies, baby strollers or other large baggage.

I doubt any travellers would actually refrain themselves from entering… hope that the visitors could at least have the courtesy to follow other simple rules.

Seoul’s famous landmark Namdaemun (남대문) was severely damaged by a 70-year-old arsonist, who set the building on fire and destroyed the wooden structure of the 600-year-old building on Feb 10.

Namdaemun (officially known as Sungnyemun; 숭례문) is a historic gate located in the heart of South Korea’s capital, Seoul. It was the oldest wooden structure in Seoul prior to the fire, and the most iconic landmark of the city. Namdaemun was officially declared as the nation’s number one national treasure in 1962.

It’s reported that the suspect has committed the arson due to a grievance over a land compensation case. I doubt anyone would pity him at all.

Namdaemun in Seoul on fire Namdaemun in Seoul on fire
Namdaemun in Seoul on fire
Namdaemun on fire (Image courtesy of Xinhuanet)

South Korea’s famous news announcer Lim Kyeong-jin has quit hosting MBC’s sport news on Feb 1 following his gaffe while under influence of alcohol.

Lim couldn’t follow his script properly and was slurring his words when reporting the news on Jan 31. TV audiences were fast to suspect that he was drunk while reporting the news, which he admitted later on.

According to Lim, he drank a bit during lunch to celebrate the Korean handball team’s victory against Japan… and couldn’t recover from the hangover in the evening.

The production team has also apologised for failing to notice Lim’s drunken condition before allowing his to report the news.

This is the 2nd high profile blunder from MBC’s news announcer in a month. News anchor Moon Ji-ae was replaced in early January for giggling at the end of a live broadcast.

Chinese New Year started on Feb 7 this year (normally celebrated for 15-days), and people from all over the world, not just Chinese, are celebrating the festival…

China Jiangxi residents playing extreme firecrackers during Chinese New Year
Villagers in Tianxin Village, Jiangxi Province, China dressed up in full gear to light the firecrackers

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