The best 100 anime theme song selected by popular Japanese forum, 2Channel‘s users…

Countdown: best 100 – 62 (2 more videos below)

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Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai is introducing a new high-tech toy… ‘Hex Bug’, a translucent robot modelled after real cockroaches.

Hex Bug - cockroach robot toy
Hex Bug in 5 colours (Image courtesy of Strapya)

The robotic bug has a size of H33×W60×D60 (mm), weighs around 16g and came in 5 colours.

It has six legs, a touch sensor that tells it to change directions when it hits a wall, a micro monitor that makes it vibrate like a cell phone, and a mic sensor that lets it scuttle away when you make loud noises. [Tokyomango]

The retail price for a Hex Bug is 1,995 yen (~USD17); you can order these from Strapya.

Video of Hex Bug in action

A cool Japanese commercial featuring young Japanese star Erika Sawajiri, for food manufacturer Meiji.

Erika Sawajiri – Meiji Fran Aromatier

It’s summer in Japan, and it’s a holiday week to celebrate O-bon (お盆) Festival. Tokyo Summerland is a popular place to go to catch some sun and water in this time of the year… so popular that you can barely squeeze into the wave pool.

Crowd at Tokyo Summerland
Crazy crowds at Tokyo Summerland (Image courtesy of Kilian-nakamura)

It sounds insane to bath in a pool so crowded that you could barely move; imagine the sweat and pee all in the water… gross. It seems fun though, insanely fun… when the wave is on (it’s a wave pool)…

Video of super-crowded Tokyo Summerland wave pool

Video – people from all around the world doing the Haruhi dance… [Hat tip to Darkmirage]

Video – Maggie, an American student studying in Japan, and a worshipper of Haruhi Suzumiya, doing the famous Haruhi dance all over Japan…

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” is arguably the most popular anime series in 2006/2007. The Haruhi-dance at the end of each episodes has become a phenomenon itself; lots of people are imitating it and uploaded their videos online.

Maggie’s version happens to be one of the more unique Haruhi dance videos imo. Brava!

Video clip of the original Haruhi dance; theme song is “Hare Hare Yukai
(ハレ晴レユカイ; means “Sunny Sunny Fun”)

After the news conference, here comes the real event… the World Cosplay Summit 2007 (WSC2007) in Nagoya Japan!

World Cosplay Summit 2007
World Cosplay Summit 2007 (Image courtesy of Kuanhoong)

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