One of my favourite Korean songs… “Start” (시작; Sijak), from singer Park Ki-young…

Park Ki-young – Start MV

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Korean pop group Big Bang with their “Last Farewell” music video, starring actor Lee Dong-gun…

Big Bang – Last Farewell MV

Big Bang was named the Artist of The Year at the 17th Seoul Music Awards on Jan 31. Last Farewell is a song from their mini-album “Hot Issue” which was released in Nov 2007.

Korean actor Jang Geun-suk works with fame singer-producer JYP for this song, “Black Engine”. The MV is also a branded entertainment for Etude’s Black ‘N Jean, a men-styling-product.

Black Engine music video

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The Singapore Media Development Authority (MDA) has created a video with their senior management rapping and dancing, in order to promote the growth of the media industry, and perhaps to bridge their relationship with their citizens…

Get creative, can do, rock on… (Original video here)

The bizarre video has been quite a hit since it was posted on YouTube, but has received mix responses from the netizens and Singaporeans.

Frankly, I think the rap and dance sux. I give them thumbs up for their effort though, as I believe it took enormous courage for them to try this gimmick.

Korean singer-turn-producer Park Jin-young (better known as JYP) is making his comeback to the stage after 6 years of hiatus. He held a mini comeback party on Nov 15 in Seoul before performing on Mnet’s Korean Music Festival (MKMF) a day later.

I know some JYP fans will welcome his comeback, but I would prefer him to stay as a producer instead… he has been working wonders over the past 6 years as a music producer.

Besides, Korean music scene has changed quite a lot in the last few years… I am not sure if Korean fans would still accept the extremity of JYP’s music and performances.

Below is JYP’s latest music video, “Kiss”… not recommendable for underage.

Park Jin-young – Kiss MV

Latest music video (or promotional video to be precise) from Japanese pop star Koda Kumi, featuring Korean boyband TVXQ (better known as Tohoshinki in Japan)… “Last Angel”…

Koda Kumi feat TVXQ – Last Angel



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