Today is the first day of Chinese New Year (2008). However, it’s not just the Chinese that are celebrating the new year… other ethnic like Koreans and Vietnamese are celebrating new year too, based on the lunisolar calendar.

Below is a music video of some Chinese New Year songs compilation, featuring celebs from Taiwan’s J-star agency; including members from popular boy-band 5566 and 183 Club etc…

A 2006 Chinese New Year music video, with New Year greetings in various languages

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Korean pop group Big Bang with their “Last Farewell” music video, starring actor Lee Dong-gun…

Big Bang – Last Farewell MV

Big Bang was named the Artist of The Year at the 17th Seoul Music Awards on Jan 31. Last Farewell is a song from their mini-album “Hot Issue” which was released in Nov 2007.

Korean actor Jang Geun-suk works with fame singer-producer JYP for this song, “Black Engine”. The MV is also a branded entertainment for Etude’s Black ‘N Jean, a men-styling-product.

Black Engine music video

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Japanese shows play the darnest games, and I am loving it…

South Korean veteran singer Na Hoon-a has shocked a live national TV audience on Friday (Jan 25) by threatening to drop his trousers to prove that he had not been castrated by a Japanese gangster.

The 60-year-old crooner was at a news conference to deny rumour that his private part was cut off by a Yakuza (Japanese gangster), whom the media reported to be unhappy with Hoon-a for having a relationship with his mistress.

Korean singer Na Hoon-a drop pants to deny rumours
Na Hoon-a ‘dropping his trousers’ (Image courtesy of Chosun)

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Flight attendants in Thailand are protesting against a soap opera, “War of Angels” (“Songkram Nang Fah”), which is said to be demeaning their profession.

The new soap opera focuses on the sexual scandal of a handsome married pilot, and a group of jealous air hostesses fighting for his love. The stewardesses can be seen cat fighting while on duty and wearing their uniforms (video below).

The trade union representing air crew has filed a complaint on Tuesday (Jan 22) to the culture ministry and the TV station that broadcasts the show to take it off the air.

The producers of the soap have apologised for the controversies caused and promised to tone it down with longer skirts and to stop having cat fights in uniforms; but have ruled out of cancelling the show.

Trailer of Songkhram Nang Fah (Hat tip to Asianpopcorn)

Chinese soldiers are doing it…

Chinese army training in winter
Chinese army training in winter Chinese army training in winter
Chinese soldiers in Anhui province baring chest in winter military training

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A bizarre Korean commercial for Okmewaka ice cream…

Weird but funny somehow… (A longer video with some rehearsing clips)

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