Takashi Sorimachi is a Japanese actor that was extremely popular in the late 90s, and still remains influential these days.

Japanese artist Takashi Sorimachi
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Takashi Sorimachi Profile

Name: Takashi Sorimachi
Japanese name: 反町 隆史
Birth name: Takashi Noguchi (野口 隆史)
DOB: December 19, 1973
Birth place: Saitama, Japan
Height: 183cm
Blood type: AB
Profession: Actor and singer

(Also known as Sorimachi Takashi)

Takashi Sorimachi Biography

Takashi Sorimachi started his entertainment career with Johnny’s Agency as a boyband singer and backup dancer for other popular boybands.

Takashi only stayed with Johnny’s for a short period before turning into modelling in 1990 and started to build some fame.

Takashi started acting in some TV dramas in 1994, and got his first leading role in 1997 with “Virgin Road”.

Takashi then starred in hit drama “Beach Boys”, which made him and his co-stars (Yutaka Takenouchi and Ryoko Hirosue) instant big names in Japan and Asia. Takashi released his debut album, “Message” in conjunction with the drama.

Takashi’s fame continued to rise in 1998 with drama “GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka”, co-starring Nanako Matsushima, whom he married with in 2001. The couple has a daughter.

GTO is probably the peak of his career; the manga-based TV drama was making waves in Japan and across Asia, and Takashi was arguably the most popular Japanese actor back then.

Takashi’s following drama in 1999, “Overtime” (co-starring Makiko Esumi) also achieved good ratings; but his popularity started fading after that.

Takashi remains decently popular though; he still managed to star in some good dramas and movies like “Hotman”, “Wonderful Life” and “Yamato” etc.

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