Takuya Kimura is arguably the most popular and influential Japanese artist, both in Japan and Asia for the past 10-12 years.

Japanese artist Takuya Kimura
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Takuya Kimura Profile

Name: Takuya Kimura
Japanese name: 木村 拓哉
Nickname: Kimutaku
DOB: November 13, 1972
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 176cm
Blood type: O
Profession: Actor and singer

(Also known as Kimura Takuya)

Takuya Kimura Biography

Takuya Kimura was enrolled into Johnny & Associates talent agency which specializes in young male teen idols at the age of 15.

Takuya was first drafted into 12 members unit Skate Boys before forming SMAP in 1988 with the other 5 members (Takuya Kimura + Masahiro Nakai, Goro Inagaki, Katsuyuki Mori, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Shingo Katori – Katsuyuki left the team in mid-90s to pursue other interest).

SMAP started their career acting in B-list drama and modelling, before making their singing debut in 1991 with single “Can’t Stop!! ~Loving”, which was not a great hit.

While their singing career was stalling, SMAP began hosting a variety show “I Love SMAP” and gradually gaining popularity.

1993 was the breakthrough year for both SMAP; they finally released a couple of hit singles and rising in fame. Takuya made a breakthrough himself after starring as the main actor in TV drama “Asunaro Hakusho” which turned out to be quite a hit.

SMAP continued to exile since then, both as a team and individually. Takuya in particular became highly demanded model, with youngsters mimicking his style and fashion. The trend gradually became the “Kimutaku Syndrome” as referred by the press, and Takuya began to gain notice outside of Japan.

1996 was another breakthrough year for Takuya… he starred in TV drama “Long Vacation” alongside Tomoko Yamaguchi. The drama was a super hit in Japan and the popularity spread across Asia; and opened the path for Japanese drama to dominate Asian market in mid-late 90s.

Takuya became a superstar and continues to star in countless high rating dramas, including “Love Generation”, “Beautiful Life”, “Hero”, “Good Luck”, “Pride” and “Engine” etc.

Takuya also starred in some movies, including award winning Chinese movie “2046” directed by renowned director Wong Kar Wai in 2004; co-starring a strong Chinese cast of Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi etc.

His latest movie is “Hero”, a special sequel to the popular (same title) TV drama in 2001. Besides featuring Takako Matsu and the same cast in the drama, the movie also featured a short appearance from popular Korean star Lee Byung-hun. The end result… a blockbuster movie in 2007.

In personal life, Takuya Kimura married Shizuka Kudo, another pop idol in 2000. They have a pair of daughters… Kokomi was born in 2001, while Mitsuki in 2003. Takuya is often regarded as a good father.

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