After a successful debut season, The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) Season 2 is going to premiere on November 1, 2007.

Based on the successful US award winning reality show, TARA is produced by AXN involving 10 duo-teams from different Asian countries in a race across Asia & Australia (in season 1) for the grand prize of USD100,000.

The TARA Season 1 was quite a success, created some hype and buzz among participated countries (the show is in English language btw). Malaysian girls-team Joe Jer & Sabrina was the eventual winners.

Amazing Race Asia, Japanese team Sawaka and Daichi Kawashima
Good luck to the Japanese

One thing special about TARA 2 is the participant of a Japanese pair, siblings Sawaka and Daichi Kawashima (pic). Japan residents are not able to participate for Season 1; Middle East residents are still illegible though… I am not sure why though.

Another significant trait of TARA 2 is the participation of local celebrities. The likes of Kinaryosih (Indonesia), Paula Taylor (Thailand) and Marc Nelson (Philippines) sure meets the eye… but I am not sure if I want too many good looking people in the show. After all, the essence of The Amazing Race is to see normal people like you and me participating in the competition, not an ‘all star’ race.

I am not going to predict the result for this season… my prediction gone horribly wrong last time as my selected team was sent home at the very first elimination round of the race.

Singapore based Chinese-American actor Allan Wu will again be the host for this new season.

[Official website for TARA]


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