Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Fish Market is adopting new rules in April for visitors.

Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest fish market in the world and is famous for its tuna trading. The market has become an iconic travel spot in Tokyo thanks (or no thanks) to foreign travel shows and the blogging hype.

Tuna trading at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan
Tuna trading at Tsukiji Fish Market (Image source)

The influx of visitors has however created a hygiene risk and is interfering with normal business activities.

Specifically, Tsukiji workers complain that some tourists try to touch the fish, and that camera flashes interfere with hand signals used during auctions.

Tourists who arrive unaware of the new rules won’t be kicked out though, but the ill-mannered may be escorted off the premises by security guards, according to a spokesman.

Under the new rules… [Hat tip to Japundit]

* All outside visitors must submit an application in advance.
* Sightseers will be “asked to refrain from entering.”
* Visitors who show up unaware of the new restrictions will be allowed to enter but will be asked to abide by the new rules.
* No flash photos in the auction sites.
* No smoking except in designated areas.
* No babies, baby strollers or other large baggage.

I doubt any travellers would actually refrain themselves from entering… hope that the visitors could at least have the courtesy to follow other simple rules.


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