Japanese variety show “TV Champion 2” held an origami competition last week with Chuya Miyamoto challenging Satoshi Kamiya. Below are three video clips which showed their amazing origami skills… [Hat tip to Japanprobe]

The origami artists’ creation with a restaurant receipt… Miyamoto created a restaurant employee with the restaurant logo featuring at the centre of the apron; Kamiya created a cow with its calf

The origami artists’ creation with a restaurant menu… Kamiya created 3 heads with the menu items in their minds; Miyamoto created a cow with different pictures of meat cuts shown on the menu coincide with parts of its body

Final battle, the masterpiece… Miyamoto created a scene of a fisherman battling a fish, inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”; Kamiya created a scene based on the Greek myth of Perseus and Andromeda

I guess the judges had to make some tough decisions determining the winner, which in the end ruled in favour of reigning TV champion Satoshi Kamiya.


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