Back from HKMC

Back from my Hong Kong & Macau trip on Wednesday night. It’s back to reality after eight days of travel and leisure… with abundance of backlogs to clear.

Hong Kong and Macau were awfully hazy, we only had half a day of blue sky over the trip. Not sure if it’s pollution or simply the weather… probably a combination of both. The temperature was around 15-20°C which suited me well though.

Had lots of good food, 4-5 meals a day… yet amazingly managed to lose two pounds because of the heavy walking. I think I might have covered more distance on foot in the past week than I would normally walk in 5-6 months.

The casino packed Macau was a bit of eye opener, while Hong Kong a shopping heaven with fashion and electronic items aplenty at competitive prices. Other than that it’s usual touristy stuff, nothing spectacular sightseeing wise.

Travel photos coming soon, and regular updates will resume as usual.

[Update] First post of Hong Kong – Wong Tai Sin Temple

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