Barbie Hsu marries billionaire heir Wang Xiaofei

Taiwanese star Barbie Hsu is technically married with Chinese billionaire heir Wang Xiaofei. The couple has registered their marriage in Beijing on Tuesday (Nov 16); their wedding ceremony is scheduled to be held in March next year.

Barbie Hsu and husband Wang Xiaofei

While it’s nothing new for celebrity to marry with rich heir, the timing was perhaps a bit shocking in this case, as the couple has known each other for less than a month when they announced their engagement in late October.

Love at first sight or whatever, the newly wed couple is old enough to make their own decision. Congratulations, and good luck. Image from Sohu [Cn].

[Update March 2011] Check out Barbie’s wedding photos at Stareastasia.

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  1. its their life, their choice. i hope they make the right decision, because for me it looks too rush and immature.

  2. If i were rịch, ì would married â doctor or someone with a higher education and cute :)

  3. Do they have pre-nups in China? Cuz I’m sure this guy got one if there are! Lol

  4. vietgirl… not sure.

  5. joannayoung says:

    i hate wang xiao fei i want her exboyfriend and barbie get back together

  6. Asiangyrl says:

    I read it somewhere that Barbie said something about not many acting job for people her age and that’s why she wanted to settle down. In my POV, that just an excuse. She wouldn’t have to worry about finding a job if she was a great actress, which she wasn’t. 99% of her acting suck. The only acting where she was a good actress was the meteor garden drama series, the one that shot her to fame and that’s it! Now saying all that, it have to make you wonder if this IS love at first site, true love, or she’s in it for the $$$$$. I doubt this marriage will last. I’ll give it no more than 2 years before it’s over.

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