Happy Notting Hill Year 2017

Crossed into 2017 watching Notting Hill, a 1999 film, on TV while trying to write some “surreal but nice” stuff… but couldn’t organise my mind to write a grand story so this is going to be a “bit of everything” post, whatever comes to mind.

Watching movie Notting Hill on New Year 2017

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Ko Shibasaki x Utsukushii Kimono Magazine

HD photos of popular Japanese star Ko Shibasaki who’s featured in 2016 Winter issue of Utsukushii Kimono Magazine [Jp]. The traditional dresses look delicate and beautiful, and probably pretty expensive LoL.

Ko Shibasaki Japanese Utsukushii Kimono Magazine

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The final issue of Japanese AneCan Magazine

Japanese model Moe Oshikiri is the cover girl for the last issue (December 2016) of AneCan Magazine. The fashion magazine will suspend its publication after running for a decade because of business reasons. Poor sales, to put it boldly.

Oshikiri was also the cover girl for the first issue of AneCan in 2007. So it’s fitting that she’s the one who brings down the curtain on the magazine.

AneCan Magazine December 2016 final issue Moe Oshikiri

AneCan targeted women in mid to late twenties who have “graduated” from reading CanCam, its sister magazine for younger women and college students.

The challenge

CanCam is still running after 35 years though (first published in November 1981.) It’s an amazing feat but the future looks grim for fashion magazines worldwide, with the shift of interest and competition from internet publications etc.

To survive, the magazines have to build a strong branding with solid online presence and to venture globally. The later is something the Japanese media have fallen behind in the past decade, it’s so difficult for non-Japanese to reach their contents.

Daily life in North Korea as a foreign tourist

Video by travel blogger Jacob Laukaitis who visited North Korea with a tour group earlier this year. He revealed the basic do’s and don’ts at the beginning of the film, and he didn’t hide the fact that most of the things he seen were staged.

Set politics (and atom bombs) aside, an interesting tourism video for the “mysterious” country. It reminds me of my trip to China in late 90’s, in other words North Korea seems to be 15-20 years behind some parts of the world.

Godzilla size comparison 1954-2016

A picture comparing the height of the Godzilla from the first movie in 1954 to the most recent one. Apparently the giant has grown a lot in half a century.

Godzilla size and height comparison

It appears the tallest at 118.5 metres in the latest Shin Godzilla movie. Although the American one (2014) may weigh a bit more because of its bulky design

Not sure who made this, thank you regardless. You can also check an earlier post to compare the size of Godzilla with other monsters in Japanese pop culture.