Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul, South Korea

Bongeunsa (봉은사) is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Korea. It’s founded in 794 and gone through difficult times as Buddhism was repressed for a long period in Korean history (it’s now the biggest religion though).

Bongeunsa is also one of the few temples in Seoul that offers short term temple-stay program which is pretty popular among foreigners.

Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul, South Korea

Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul, South Korea

Lanterns at Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul

Ceiling painting at Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul

Buddha statue at Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul

Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul, South Korea

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  1. I only passed by this temple, because it was evening and I tried to find Apgujeong… Wish I’d stay longer and see the temple. But then again, I wanna visit Seoul again one day :)


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