Chinese bikini babes break world record

A total of 1202 bikini-clad ladies in China have broken the world record for the highest number of women attending a swimsuit photo shoot.

Chinese bikini girls break world record
The record breaking feat [Image from Guangzhou Daily]

The girls broke the record at a waterpark in Guangzhou by resembling the shape of the Olympic emblem in celebration of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The previous record was set at Bondi Beach in Australia with 1010 participants.

Chinese bikini babes break world record

[Update] The record is broken yet again in May 2010 by the Chinese.

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  1. How cool. Lol Does anyone know why these a sudden increase

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow , I could only dream of being surrounded by so many chinese girls in bikinis. :)

  3. wow, nice picture!
    the 5 rings look perfectly made.
    i wish there was a closer picture.
    the sight must be very colourful with so many different bikinis =]
    this is a nice waterpark too!
    i went to guangzhou 2 years ago, but didn’t go here.
    it’s great to see how chinese people have so much olympic spirit!

  4. Wow, that’s too many bikini babes for me to handle!

  5. No close up pics meh?

  6. Yein Jee says:

    I wish I have a close up pic too, but that is the only pic available at the moment. On consolation note… sometimes things are best left to be admire from distance lol.

  7. “sometimes things are best left to be admire from distance”

    so true haha :p

  8. Nice view and how colourful ;-)


  10. its nice!!!!!!!!people there got facinated to there deeds….maybe not so hot but enough to be sexy…

  11. The Chinese could break many numerical superiority records

  12. chinese girls are mostly beautifull. i love them a lot. i wish to have some of them lol

  13. MICHAEL J. SCHMITZ says:


  14. Michael… stop being a moron.

    China probably does not provide as much freedom like US or western countries… but they are not as bad as you thought. Most if not all of the volunteers were proud to be part of the Olympics… they chose to be there, as simple as that.

  15. Anonymous says:

    look close there are a few blondies in the shot, reminds me of when I was living there. A minority surrounded by millions of beautiful Chinese women. Honestly, their beauty is unmatched.

  16. those girls are the hottest i have ever seen to bad i have 5 other girls but no one tell google them one of there names is called selena spice she will blow ur mind off

  17. minak jenggo says:

    walah gambare cilik banget dab kurang gede

  18. I think that by some of the men sitting and gawking at these women is a blatant disrespect for the human body. It is sacred and entitled to dignity. By saying things like they are the hottest, you are disrespecting them.

  19. Wanted to see the closeups…

  20. Me too….Any closeups?

    They aren’t all Chinese by the way.

  21. annazpiggybear says:

    one word when i saw the pic, ” WHOA!”

  22. Anonymous says:

    For sale, 1 x zoom lens, I think your photographer needs one

  23. Nicely orchestrated.Well done!like it!

  24. i am 9 years old i look at bikinis and bikini videos and my mum dos not no a like them

  25. wow, wish i was there too ! :-)


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