Chinese bikini babes break world record

A total of 1202 bikini-clad ladies in China have broken the world record for the highest number of women attending a swimsuit photo shoot.

Chinese bikini girls break world record
The record breaking feat [Image from Guangzhou Daily]

The girls broke the record at a waterpark in Guangzhou by resembling the shape of the Olympic emblem in celebration of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The previous record was set at Bondi Beach in Australia with 1010 participants.

Chinese bikini babes break world record

[Update] The record is broken yet again in May 2010 by the Chinese.

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  1. annazpiggybear says:

    one word when i saw the pic, ” WHOA!”

  2. Anonymous says:

    For sale, 1 x zoom lens, I think your photographer needs one

  3. Nicely orchestrated.Well done!like it!

  4. i am 9 years old i look at bikinis and bikini videos and my mum dos not no a like them

  5. wow, wish i was there too ! :-)

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