Chum Churum Soju – like the first time

New Korean commercial for Chum Churum rice wine, featuring young idols Hyuna, Hara and Hyorin. The trio is replacing pop singer Lee Hyori as the brand ambassador… a tough task as Hyori was almost synonymous with the soju for the past few years.

Regardless of the spokespeople, Hyori’s old commercials (e.g. in 2010 & 2011) seem more appealing to me. And it probably suits better to have “real” adults advertising an alcohol product instead of some girls who barely reached legal age. The soju maker obviously has other thoughts with younger generation in mind.

Korean Chum Churum soju

Sistar Hyorin Chum Churum soju

Kara Hara Chum Churum soju

4minute Hyuna Chum Churum soju

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